The American streamer Amouranth is now well known. The 28-year-old gained fame through permissive streamsWhere, for example, you sit in a tight bikini in a whirlpool or piles of semi-naked wooden blocks.

In the meantime, she even managed to become a Playboy model. Kaitlin Seragosa, her real name, is also a hit in other respects. But what do they say? conservative parents What is your daughter’s profession? Amouranth has now revealed it!

Also interesting: Amouranth reveals a big secret! Are you kidding her fans?

How did Amoranth originate?

Vice Lifestyle & Spectator magazine recently published a documentary about the hit spectator. In it, she talks about her salary, among other things Childhood and how it was brought up.

According to Amoranth, she herself has acquired a strict work ethic, and this does not come from her parents. Like many children in the United States, it is Growing up alone in front of TV and consolesWhile her parents had to work a lot.

What do their conservative parents say?

Caitlin Seragosa reveals in the documentary My Parents Are Very Conservative. “I don’t remember exactly what I said at the beginning.” But they shouldn’t be particularly supportive.

But that suddenly changed, When Amouranth revealed something certain to her parents.

This is not all!

What did the famous sign reveal to her parents? Your account balance. No wonder the 28-year-old got Over $1 million a month on average. Sometimes she makes a lot of money in her sleep – literally!

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Do her parents know what she’s doing?

In the Vice documentary, Amouranth also says that her parents have already seen their home with different streaming backgrounds. Hot tub for the revealing private However, they have yet to see any “hot tub” streams.

Resources: Dexter / vice

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