The action film “Fortress” (German release date not known yet) stars Bruce Willis as General, who has already taken another picture with Mel Gibson: Shannon Doherty (“Beverly Hills, 90210”) is still a busy actress. – However, or because she did not know exactly how much time she had left. In February 2020 Doherty announced that he had cured his breast cancer, and a few months later he said in an interview that the disease was advanced and incurable. But he’s fine, Doherty said in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” during the US theatrical release of the movie “Fortress”.

He has a great choice for the coming year: “I believe that more research and progress in my efforts to find a cure for cancer is my ultimate choice,” Doherty said. “Because even though I’m fine, I still have cancer, and you do not want it to be in the fourth stage.” She continues to think, “What can I do to raise more money, what can I do to help move. Research – not for me, but for anyone else with cancer.”

“I hope my health is stable”

For himself, Doherty wants to be “in good health” and to have the opportunity to “work with people I always admire.” Continuing to make films will keep them alive, the actress said: “Work is very important to me, especially someone with cancer. The whole time you want to point out that you can still work. “It’s her work that wakes her up every morning with a sense of excitement, and she’s grateful for that,” Doherty said.

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The “Fortress” he co-produced with Bruce Willis was a wonderful experience: “I got permission to work with one of the biggest action stores I’ve ever seen. It was like a kid in a candy store to me. Truth be told, ‘God, this is so exciting, so exciting’ I thought to myself.


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