Germany vs Latvia: There is a lot of shooting – but the pictures can’t be seen on the internet.

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DFB-Elf delivers crackers at last test before EM. Only: Suddenly it is not visible through the RDL streaming service.

D டுsseldorf – The German national team is probably laying the groundwork for a customized football EM costume rehearsal. Jogi Low’s team leads 5-0 at halftime against Latvia. But if you do not have a TV connection, you only saw half of it.

Germany play against Latvia: RTL streaming service servers fail – is maintenance really on TV?

After playing for about half an hour, RDL’s streaming service TV Now suddenly disappeared. Only the ad is still running. Shortly afterwards the news was shown: “Liber TV Now user, we are currently upgrading our offer. Please try again later, we will get back to you soon. “

Streaming Service TVNow: Maintenance During DFP Game? This initial statement was also a mistake. (Screenshot)


Not seriously? A few spectators thought. Did the paid service really shut down the servers in the middle of the game? Anger in the web was certainly immediate. So the news that this was changed to an “unexpected error” turned out to be almost good news.

DFP fans suffer: RDL stream collapses during international match – TVNow apologizes

Of course, this will no longer help football fans. “I missed two goals, thanks to the standard TV Now servers … the main thing is to pay well for it and see the ads every time the page reloads. The mega thing is, thanks to RDL,” a Twitter user complained. Shortly afterwards he also missed the third goal. “The main thing is to buy the television rights for the national team and then not put up a server that can handle the attack,” said another.

“Hello everyone”, the TV Now team finally clarifies and apologizes: “We can understand your dissatisfaction with the failure of our live streams. We are very sorry. Colleagues are doing flat work to fix it. “

It remains to be seen how long this will take. The German national team’s last Test match before the European Championship is definitely not waiting for that. You can read on our live ticker.

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