Taturt: Viewers see famous actors in the culprits

“Tatort”: Viewers see famous actors in the culprits – “Today with First Class Actors”

April 11, 2021 at 10:50 pm

Crime Scene: This is the most famous team of detectives

Crime Scene: This is the most famous team of detectives

The crime series “Tatort” has impressed German TV viewers for decades. On Sundays at 8:15 pm, different teams of police officers solve murder cases in the ARD. 22 teams of investigators are currently investigating 20 German cities, as well as Vienna and Zurich. We present to you the most famous of the current formations.

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On Sunday, Ulrike Folkerts return once again to ‘Crime scene“Let’s see from Ludwigshafen. Together with Chief Inspector Joanna Stern, she decided once again as Lena Odenthal. The longest serving detective on the “crime scene” team must solve the cold-blooded murder case of a stall worker.

they have “Crime scene”Commissioners deal with a very difficult criminal. But the murder to be investigated fades into the background to the public. She only knows one topic on Twitter.

Crime sceneComparing the culprit to Johnny Depp

The new “crime scene” on Sunday evening was less than a few minutes old when Twitter users were already punching the keys. The reason for this is the amazing resemblance of one of the characters with the world famous actor Johnny Depp.

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This is the “crime scene”:

  • Taturt is a crime series that began airing on West German television in the 1970’s
  • To date, more than 1,100 “Taturt” movies have been released.
  • For the first few years, there was an average of 1 new movie per month
  • The frequency of broadcasts first increased from the early 1990s and is now around 35 per year
  • Movies are available in ARD media library


Anton Mahler, played by Austrian actor Christopher Scharf, is the cause of the excitement. Not only is his dark, manipulative, and narcissistic personality, but his looks also sparks comments.

The leaflets say, “Johnny Depp heard of Tatort’s good reputation and introduced himself as an actor”, “Taturt today with a first-class crew: Johnny Depp” or “Directly from the Caribbean to Ludwigshafen”.

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However, not everyone is convinced of this comparison. One user wrote, “Guys, this is Johnny Depp! But no, this bird is over there at the crime scene.”

Not all comparisons are meant to be positive. Despite his strong acting performance, Christopher Scharf is often referred to as the slightly inferior alternative. The reason for this is, in part, the depressing mood at Ludwigshafen’s “crime scene”.

Inspectors go after Lena O’Denthal and Jonah Stern, Anton Mahler in The Evil King. Before the current episode aired, Ulrike Folkerts, who played Lena Odenthal, mentioned her time as the “Tatort” actress. Can be dangerous while filming.

Crime sceneThe actress is in the shock of an explosion: “My body can no longer solve that”

The accident happened about nine years ago, but Ulrike Volkerts can still remember that exact day. “I had to shoot at the door of a small room downstairs. We also have earplugs, you can’t see. The whole team gets headphones and goggles. I shot that door three times, it was very tight and very noisy in this room, “The 59-year-old says.

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Since then, the actress’s left ear has become deaf. In a very specific moment I realized she was experiencing a thunderbolt. “Then I lay in a meadow, listened to the birds, and lay on my right ear and thought,” Where are the birds? “Recalls the actress. Shock for the TV star. ”The high frequencies just turned off. I think that’s really horrible, ”Ulrike Volkerts admits.


More on “crime scene”:

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“My body can’t fix that anymore,” explains the actress, who has had to wear an earphone since then. However, she is grateful that this money is now available so that she can participate in the large round tables.

However, in her role as Lena Odenthal, Ulrike Folkerts doesn’t notice at all. By the way, the actress played the role of the lead detective for about 32 years. This Sunday, “The Evil King” was its 74th issue.

“Tatort: ​​The Evil King” aired on Sunday 11 April at 8.15 pm on Das Erste. Under this End to end You can search for the episode.


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