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It’s the return of the talking legend!

Britt Hagedorn (50) is running Breakfast TV Sat 1 nine years after the end of her Sunday Daily Show. At BILD, a mother of two (her kids are 10 and 14) talks about…

At the time without TV: “I quit on purpose. I was at a stage where I just went through. It was also the most important thing for me to be there for my kids. Now they are more independent and I feel like going to work again.”

… her TV comeback: “If the alarm goes off at 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday, it definitely hurts. But that’s the case for a lot of other people too. I haven’t burned for a job like I have in a long time.”

Brett Hagedorn hosted her talk show from 2001 to 2013Foto: picture alliance / nordphoto

Her attitude towards life at the age of fifty: “I found the time before my 50th birthday more difficult than now. I thought a lot about my life and the future. But now I find it very exciting to step out of my comfort zone at 50. But I am sure that with each new challenge I stay younger in my head “.

Brett Hagedorn and her husband, Ralph, live in Santa Maria.  I just published a book

Brett Hagedorn and her husband, Ralph, live in Santa Maria. I just published the book “Without Words? Not with Us!”Photo: Schneider-Press / Erwin Schneider

… her life in Mallorca: “We have a house in Santa Maria del Cami, about 15 minutes from Palma. The mild weather has completely improved my attitude towards life. But: life here is not what many think. For the first time I experienced what it means to not know the language as a foreigner. This humiliated me. Meanwhile, I learned Spanish. My kids go to school here and they feel at home. My husband still has his company in Germany, but he works a lot from Mallorca. I am very lucky! Even if you need my dose from Germany every now and then and then visit friends.”

She then moves to Germany for her television comeback. “This is completely normal for me. I have never had a business on my doorstep before.”

Her new book: “I almost became my guest on TV, because by chance is my new book ‘Without Words? Not With Us!’ which I wrote with Sabine El-Tena. A Woman’s Communication Guide.”

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