Surprisingly, gluten is hidden in these four foods

Surprisingly, gluten is hidden in these four foods

Gluten is hidden in these four foods

Symptoms improve when people dispense with gluten. But that is exactly the essence. There is no gluten in only grains. The biggest traps for gluten are processed foods, and gluten is a common ingredient found in prepared meals and sauces. For this reason, people with intolerance should keep their eyes open, especially with industrially produced foods, and carefully study the list of contents – as the following foods prove.


Some types of sausage may contain gluten, such as oatmeal or wheat flour. Gluten can also be a component of seasoning blends or pickles. Basically, you should always eat processed meat in moderation, as it is very high in fat and thus increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Flavored fruit tea

Yes, you read correctly. Gluten can also hide in flavored fruit teas. For example, gluten-containing flavorings such as barley are used as a sweetener. However, we can make everything clear: there is no gluten in traditional and traditional teas such as black, green or white tea.


It’s easy to forget that couscous is usually made from wheat and therefore automatically contains gluten. Tip: Use couscous made from millet or corn. By the way: Gluten does not contain pseudo grains such as amaranth and quinoa.


Whether it’s with french fries or burgers – for many, a little ketchup is a must. However, gluten protein can also be found in spicy tomato sauce, where it is used for binding. So you should check the additional list to see if it contains wheat or modified wheat starch.


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