Home science Sunburn: 9 natural tips to soothe and treat effectively

Sunburn: 9 natural tips to soothe and treat effectively

Sunburn: 9 natural tips to soothe and treat effectively

Basking in the sun outside to have a nice tan is a weather for many people as summer approaches. We take advantage of every ray of sunlight, so sometimes we don’t always think about it Apply sunscreen. And in these moments The sun is burning Arrive without warning. calendar? The skin turns red like a crayfish, it is painful to the touch, and a burning and burning sensation gradually appears.

Is sunburn dangerous?

Sunburn is just thatBurning skin Because of heavy exposure to Ultraviolet rays from the sun. This can be more or less dangerous depending on its degree. It can cause redness, itchy pain, or even blisters. The severity of a sunburn can be recognized by the symptoms. If the skin is red, dry, and painful, it is A first-degree burn. But if pimples or simple small bubbles appear on the surface of the epidermis, they are Second-degree burn In this case it is necessary to be very careful and especially not to penetrate it to avoid possible infection.

If the pain persists, is severe, or if you have a fever, see a doctor.

How to relieve a painful sunburn?

At that time, sunburn does not hurt but the pain starts over the course of hours. To relieve sunburn, there is Natural remediesTo be used in addition to Biafine, which calms and repairs damaged skin. We’re especially thinking about Lavender water bath. This purple plant is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. From then on, run a bath of cold water and add at least 5 drops of lavender essential oil. After that, you can also treat sunburn Coconut OilAloe vera gel or more Potato slices Or tomatoes. This fruit in particular contains the antioxidant lycopene, which helps reduce burns and rebuild skin.

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Find in our slideshow all the tips for soothing and treating sunburn.

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