Home entertainment Summer House of the Stars 2021: Who comes out after the first episode? Who is there too?

Summer House of the Stars 2021: Who comes out after the first episode? Who is there too?

Summer House of the Stars 2021: Who comes out after the first episode?  Who is there too?

Updated Oct 5, 2021 at 11:35 PM

  • Ring Survey: “Summer House of Stars” enters round six.
  • Since October 5, 2021, eight couples have been bickering again on RTL.
  • Here you can find out which couple is dating after the first episode.

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In “The Summer House of the Stars,” eight famous couples compete against each other in various disciplines. Due to travel restrictions, it is now home again in Germany and not, as in previous years, in the sunny south of Portugal. In Bocholt they have to assert themselves against each other in many challenges

Another challenge: coexistence! The nominees have to leave the show every week, because only one pair can achieve the title of “Famous Couple” and thus succeed Caro and Andreas Rubens – and only one pair wins the prize money of 50,000 euros.

Through physical and verbal commitment, celebrity couples do everything to achieve their goal and defeat their opponents – but not everyone is up to this challenge.

Here you can see which candidates have already lost the battle and who is still in it.

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‘Summer House of Stars’ 2021: Who’s the wobbly candidate after Episode 1?

episode 1: In the first episode, no one has to leave the summer house. However Janina And Roland They received the most votes from their competitors in the so-called mood scale. This puts the couple at greater risk of leaving the show next week.

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These celebrity couples start and fight for the €50,000 prize money

  • Mola Adebisi (48) and Adelina Zilay (33) mediator and coordinator
  • Samira (24) and Yassin Selinger (30), Reality-TV-Stars
  • Elizabeth Marie “Sissy” Hoffbauer (25) and Ryan Melzer (34) Independent and transgender businessman, Benjamin “Ben”.
  • ‘Goodbye Germany’ immigrants Stefan Gerkel (53) and Peggy Jeruvik (45)
  • an actress Michel Montpelin (42) and Reality-TV-Star Mike Sis Montpelin (33)
  • Actor and theater director Roland Hitz (63) Actress and musician Janina Corn (37)
  • hit the party singer Al Maklusi (52) and his wife Marietta (35)
  • Actor “Between Us” Lars Steinhofel (35) and Dominic Schmidt (31)

These candidates will continue to apply

  • an actress Jana Palsk (42) and her boyfriend Sasha Gerndt (44) moves in the course of the season as an extreme in the celebrity flat share.

those: rtl.de

summer star house

Eight pairs of celebrities in one house – entertainment is inevitable. From October 5, 2021, 16 or more known stars will compete for €50,000 at the “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”. Now it is clear which celebrity will move to the farm in Bocholt. All candidates here at a glance.


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