Summer comedy for the whole family

Best tip for hot days? Go to the great cinema! “Alphonse Zetterback – Finally a Class Journey” is a funny and entertaining movie that we can recommend for this purpose.

Unlucky Alphonse Zetterback is certainly in misfortune. It couldn’t be worse: what he touches breaks, and what he plans goes wrong, and therefore he is often the focus of ridicule from his classmates. The trailer shows you how uncomfortable this life can be:

Just uncomfortable. Alphonse nearly slept too much on leaving his class trip and also had his mother’s briefcase with him instead of his briefcase. Excellent conditions to be mocked by your classmates again. However, these are just two of the most embarrassing, mishaps, major accidents and unwanted slapstick spells that befell him many and varied – regardless of the sphere of life. But he is basically a kind man with a fear of heights and a lot of courage and is blessed with the fact that the events in his turbulent life still have a happy ending despite everything.

Why is this good for the whole family?

All in all, anyone who accepts the fact that someone like Alphonse Zetterback could very much enjoy their perpetual, surrealistically weird bad luck. In this new movie adaptation of the children’s book character Alphonse Zetterback, invented by Gerhard Holtz Baumeert, we go on a school trip. Who does not know that? We’ve all had to go through that, and class trips are funny in their own right, and class trips in 2022 seem not so different from class trips in previous decades, just that everyone now has cell phones. Everyone should find something to laugh about, at least because you might remember the incidents of your school trip, which were of course the funniest. Or the relief that you’ll never have to go on a class trip again makes you hysterically euphoric.

Of course, this does not apply to viewers who have not yet started school or who have only recently attended school. What were you sure you would find interesting in the movie? The age rating of the film is 0, so anyone who wishes and whose parents, grandparents or great-grandfathers are suitable moviegoers to accompany them can theoretically watch the film. And even kids 3 to 4 years old should find enough age-appropriate unlucky jokes, depending on how focused they are, because a lot of what happens is based on classic punch lines, which are known to work well with older kids. You don’t have to worry that little ones will get a cinematic shock or inappropriate words.

Accordingly, an interesting question remains about how the prospective audience can enjoy the film. No horses or dogs, if the human identification numbers don’t provide enough for very strong emotions there probably wouldn’t be a poster on the wall, but anyway you can have a relaxing laugh with the whole family without time-wasting preparation or post-processing and using the reality of evasion for a while Excellent molding performance for children and adults.


  • In the lead role, she sees Louis Feuerbach as the unlucky Alphonse Zetterback.
  • Alongside him are Benny (Leopold Ferdinand Scheele), Emilia (Lisa Moyle), and Leonie (Lenny Descher)
  • Archrival Nico (Ron Antony Renzenbrink) with his followers Bodo (Jonas Heinrich) and Frodo (Arved Kuhnhardt)
  • Kamal (Denis Kharazmi) and Max (Egon Werler)
  • Mother of Alphonse (Alexandra Maria Lara) and Jack (Sam Riley)
  • Neurotic teacher Flickendorf (Thorsten Merten) and Laila Hoffmann (Halle Louise Jones)
  • Very Unfriendly Hilda Buck (Anna Thallbach)
  • Herbergsvater Fred (Gojko Mitic)

Books have a large number of followers

Anyone who remembers Alphonse Zetterback’s books from his youth may have his roots in the former German Democratic Republic or in the environment in which such a person lives. The film contains stories from books, such as The Pasta Incident in which Alphonse Zitterback tells what “happened to him with pasta and tomatoes”, but the general theme that emerged in the late 1960s has of course carried over to the present day and the script is different from those books. The first movie from 1966, in which Helmut Rossmann plays the lovable, unlucky guy with a big mouth, is also a completely different movie. You can see it with an Amazon Prime subscription. In 1986, there was also a TV series that you could stream on Amazon. And of course there’s a new children’s book called “Alphonse Zetterback: Finally a Class Journey!” to buy.

But there is a new movie Only in the cinema and you can find classes in your city with us.

Can you recognize this fifteen children’s series by the line of text in the front?

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