Subway Tuna Mystery: No fish in a tuna submarine?

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No tuna DNA could be detected in various samples of subway tuna sandwiches.

The sandwich was investigated by The New York Times after two customers sued the fast-food chain earlier this year.

Subway denies the allegations and says it will use bonito tuna and yellowfin.

In the laboratory examination of the Subway tuna sandwich, no fish species DNA was found in the samples. The “The New York Times” He had bread from different restaurants examined and now he points out that researchers were unable to identify a clear type.

One lab worker told The Times that there were two possible explanations: “Either the fish has been so heavily processed that it is no longer recognizable. Or in fact there is no tuna at all.”

In January, two California clients filed a lawsuit against Subway. Her accusation: “Anything but tuna” on the sandwich, but rather a mixture of different ingredients that should look just like tuna. TV show “Inner Edition” Then sandwich samples from New York were tested. However, at that time, tuna DNA could be discovered.

Subway claims to use skipjack and yellowfin tuna — species that the lab used by The New York Times can detect. The tuna is caught in the wild and does not come from a fish farm.

According to David Rudy, president of wholesale fish retailer Catalina Offshore Products, they can’t be wrong with Subway either. “You buy a can of tuna that says ‘tuna.’ If there really was a scam, it originated with the supplier,” he told The Times.

Subway has more than 40,000 branches worldwide, of which it owns approximately 22,000 restaurants in the United States.

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