Cepheid and MedImmune collaborate to fight infection

Cepheid and MedImmune have decided to collaborate to develop drugs that combat infection.
Cepheid and MedImmune have decided to collaborate to develop drugs that combat infection.

Cepheid has announced a collaboration with MedImmune in order to develop new drugs and tests that can identify staph infection and pseudomonas infection.

"Utilizing rapid diagnostics is a key component in effectively targeting serious health care-associated pathogens in our MEDI4893 and MEDI3902 clinical trials," Steve Projan, head of MedImmune's Infectious Diseases and Vaccines, Innovative Medicines unit, said. "We believe that the combination of rapid diagnostics and pathogen-specific antibodies will help physicians identify patients at risk and prevent serious and life-threatening infections in a way that is not possible today. By developing diagnostic tests through this collaboration with Cepheid, we can ensure that novel life-saving antibodies are delivered to patients who need them in a rapid and efficient manner."

With the collaboration, Cepheid adapted its Xpert MRSA/SA soft tissue and skin infection test cartridge, which is used for sample types in respiratory issues.

"Cepheid is pleased to be working with MedImmune and Combacte to address the critical challenges posed by serious bacterial infections," John Bishop, Cepheid's chairman and CEO, said. "We believe this can be achieved through the use of molecular diagnostic tests to precisely target colonized patients, improve clinical trial efficiency and accelerate these much needed therapeutics to market. These two initial projects give Cepheid an opportunity to demonstrate its technology leadership, while also building an installed base of GeneXpert systems that could be leveraged for future Combacte or broader Innovative Medicines Initiative programs."

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