Taiwan CDC holds emergency drill on bioterrorism

Taiwan CDC holds emergency drill on bioterrorism.
Taiwan CDC holds emergency drill on bioterrorism. | Courtesy of the Taiwan CDC
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of Taiwan recently held an emergency drill for biological threat response.

The CDC reports that approximately 70 participants representing public health and emergency responders attended the course. The course took place at a subway union station with typical crowds present. This simulation required responders and officials to carry out operations, including communicating risks with the public, interruptions that are possible from individuals in the area and managing equipment failures and health concerns among response personnel.

CDC bioterrorism teams are tasked with the investigation and identification of biological threats and attacks. Members take on containment and mitigation of damage for any individuals that are harmed during and as a result of an attack.

Taiwan has modeled its operating procedures for countering biological terrorism after the U.S. Incident Command System (ICS), which has led to the adoption of standardized approaches for biological attacks.

Through this course, response personnel were familiarized with procedures of appropriate operation and it allowed them to determine where weaknesses are found in response plans if they are apparent. This course and resulting evaluations will aim to improve overall response of the agency and response teams.

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