WHO releases update on Ebola outbreak

WHO releases update on Ebola outbreak.
WHO releases update on Ebola outbreak.
The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday released an update concerning the Ebola outbreak that continues to affect West Africa.

In the week leading up to Sept. 20, there were two new cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Guinea. According to the WHO, the new case count overall has remained below 10 cases per week since the end of July. The cases in Guinea follow a two-week period with no new cases being reported.

In the same reporting period, Sierra Leone did not report a new case of EVD. In the previous period, one was reported. Contact tracing has found 700 potential connections to this case.

Cumulatively speaking, the Ebola outbreak has consisted of 28,295 cases that were confirmed, suspected and probable. Of those, 15,201 were confirmed in a laboratory. Throughout the outbreak, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have been the hardest hit.

Guinea reports 3,340 confirmed cases and an associated 2,079 deaths. Counting probable and suspected cases, the figures reach 3,800 cases and 2,532 deaths.
In Sierra Leone, probable, confirmed and suspected cases amount to 13,823, with an associated 3,955 fatalities. Of these, 8,704 cases are confirmed.

Liberia reported 10,666 probable, confirmed and suspected cases prior to May 9, when the EVD was first thought to have been eliminated. Since then, an additional six cases had appeared in a resurgence up until Sept. 7.
The WHO reports that nine new cases have been reported across all affected countries over the last 21 days.