Invasive mosquito discovered in San Diego

Invasive mosquito discovered in San Diego.
Invasive mosquito discovered in San Diego. | Courtesy of Shutterstock
A local Fox television news outlet reported that an invasive species of mosquito was found in the San Diego area on Wednesday.

The specimen was found during a regular trapping in the Barrio Logan area, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) stated. The species is the Asian tiger mosquito and is similar to another species found in 2014.

Both the Asian tiger mosquito and the other species, known as the yellow fever mosquito, are capable of transmitting diseases including the latter's namesake, dengue fever and chikungunya to people. The DEH reports that cases of these in San Diego County have always been the result of travel to an area where those diseases are endemic.

The Asian tiger mosquito was thought to have been eliminated from the area approximately 14 years ago. Officials believe that they hitchhiked on imported nursery items from Southeast Asia.

Officials in San Diego County have begun setting monitoring traps and they encourage residents in and around the county to eliminate standing water wherever possible, mosquitoes are drawn to standing water, and water is utilized by the insects to breed.

If any residents experience a mosquito bite while in their homes in the daytime, the DEH asks that they report it to the county's vector control.

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