UK House of Commons requests input on potential threats

UK House of Commons requests input on CBRN threats
UK House of Commons requests input on CBRN threats | Courtesy of

The United Kingdom’s House of Commons Defense Select Committee recently began a campaign to evaluate the credible threats that are challenging the UK, as well as to determine the government's ability to respond to the threats.

The committee will accept written submissions regarding potential threats through Oct. 7 on its website. Of particular interest to the committee is information on such potential threats as: international terrorism, cyberspace attacks, international military crises, the risk of civil war or insurgency overseas, the threat of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons, an increase in organized crime that has direct social and economic consequences, large conventional military attacks on the UK, an attack on overseas UK territories, an attack on another EU or NATO member, and the potential disruption of information through satellites caused by another nation. 

The committee also would like information on potential threats from: North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, the Far East, the Middle East, the High North and Europe. It also requests information on threats to the UK's maritime domain, land and air. Specific questions regarding the government's ability to respond to potential threats include: What is the government’s ability to "think the unthinkable," and how flexible are the UK’s thought process and planning process to meet the wide range of credible potential dangers; does the government have the ability for generic capability and capacity building in the event of an unforeseen threat; what contingency planning is in hand to expand the armed forces should the need arise?

All submitted comments must be original. For more information, visit