Anthrax cases confirmed in China's Shaanxi province

Anthrax cases confirmed in China's Shaanxi province.
Anthrax cases confirmed in China's Shaanxi province.
Officials from the Chinese Health and Family Planning Commission of the Shaanxi province announced on Tuesday that 19 people have contracted anthrax.

According to the report, they are listed in stable condition, and 18 are currently being treated in local hospitals. The remaining case is being treated at home.

Following the reports of the disease in the area, a team of health experts and doctors -- with Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention Director Ma Guanghui leading the team -- were sent to
provide support and treatments. They also brought 1,000 units of anthrax vaccination.

Ma's team was successful in administering 50 vaccines to those who had close contact with potentially infected livestock and in sanitizing 28,000 square meters of space, including slaughters points, animal pens and water sources.

Without proper treatment, officials state that many form of anthrax infection are lethal. The disease largely appears naturally among animals. They also report that livestock in Yuanzhuang Villiage had died from previously unknown causes, but it is now thought to be from an anthrax infection.

The prevention efforts included televised presentations on how to avoid anthrax infection..

Anthrax infection can take many forms, although most symptoms include fever and chills. Anthrax that is inhaled will likely cause shortness of breath, cough, nausea and vomiting, among other symptoms.