Sightline Innovation praises Canadian NML Ebola vaccine development

Sightline Innovation praises Canadian NML Ebola vaccine development.
Sightline Innovation praises Canadian NML Ebola vaccine development. | Courtesy of the CDC
Sightline Innovation Inc. has offered its congratulations to the scientists at the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in their development of an Ebola vaccine, which is currently undergoing a clinical trial in Guinea, they announced Wednesday.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, the VSV-EBOV vaccine is based upon the zoological vesicular stomatitis virus which contains a portion of protein that is found in the Ebola virus. They not that the vaccine does not contain the live form of the virus and state that there is nor risk of Ebola infection as a volunteer.

Scientists that have worked with the vaccine's development are a part of the company's Scientific Working Group, including Frank Plummer, Judy Alimonti and Steven Jones.

"This announcement reinforces that we made the right decision and intensifies our support because to flourish in such a highly competitive space, you need to be working amid the best minds in the world," Sightline Founder and CEO Wallace Trenholm said."Winnipeg's scientists and those that built the team are second to none."

The CBC reported that initial results from the vaccine's trial in Guinea are promising. They state that 2,014 volunteers have taken doses of the vaccine and not contracted the disease within a 10-day period.

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