Report urges innovations for pharmacy industry, pharmacists

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Cambridge Consultants recently published a report how innovation and technology likely will play a large role in the future of the pharmaceutical industry, Medlife Pharmacy reported July 7.

The group also said innovative practices among pharmacists would be needed. The industry's challenges take the form of ensuring that needed medication is affordable and accessible, the group said, and ensuring this falls on manufacturers of prescription medicine and the pharmacists who dispense medication.

Innovation among pharmacists would come in the form of their compounding practices, they state. This includes ensuring that medication is at the correct dosage and accounting for multiple forms of dosages to accommodate those who have trouble with traditional pill or liquid forms of medication.

“Pharmaceutical compounding is all about providing customized medications to patients with special needs,” said a MedLife Pharmacy representative. “It is one of the ways 21st Century medical professionals are meeting new patient needs with innovative solutions.”

The pharmacist also will need to be aware of additive materials in certain medications that can pose harm to people with certain allergies, or other medical conditions that can be adversely affected by inactive ingredients including color dyes, sugars, lactose or alcohol, the group said.