U.N. Disarmament Affairs representative visits OPCW headquarters

U.N. Disarmament Affairs representative visits OPCW headquarters.
U.N. Disarmament Affairs representative visits OPCW headquarters.
High Representative for the United Nations (U.N.) for Disarmament Affairs Kim Won-Soo visited the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) headquarters on Friday.

Won-Soo met with OPCW's Director-General Ahmet Üzümcüad, and they discussed pertinent issues relating to both organization's disarmament activity and progress on the continued efforts to eliminate chemical weapons stockpiles and use in Syria.

In June, the OPCW reported that progress was made on the neutralization of chemical weapons in Syria. The Cape Ray, a U.S. vessel, a German Government chemical waste facility and a waste disposal facility in Finland took part in the dismantling and neutralization of sulphur mustard and methylphosphonyl diflouride (DF), a key component of the manufacturing of a nerve agent.

The vessel took on the actual dismantling process and the Gesellschaft zur Entsrogung von Chemischen Kampfstoffen und Rüstungsaltlasten MBH (GEKA MBH) of Germany and the Ekokem Riihimäki Waste Disposal Facility in Finland managed the neutralization of the resulting byproducts. The OPCW reports that approximately 600 metric tons of these chemicals were managed.

In the report the OPCW also stated that 12 former chemical weapons facilities in Syria are set to be destroyed in the near future.

The OPCW is the governing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and oversees implementation and enforcement of the convention. The CWC prohibits the development, use, stockpiling and other activity relating to chemical weapons.