OPCW, U.K. host Myanmar, Angola inspection escort training

OPCW, U.K. hosts Myanmar, Angola inspection escort training.
OPCW, U.K. hosts Myanmar, Angola inspection escort training. | Courtesy of OPCW

The U.K and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) hosted a four-day workshop for representatives from Angola and Myanmar on the training of inspection escorts, the OPCW announced on Thursday. 

This joint effort is part of the ongoing process for both countries to accept the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and implement it within their governmental structure and to ultimately become state parties to it. 

Four representatives from both Myanmar and Angola were present at The Hague workshop; the training also included mock inspections at a Liverpool, U.K. Chemical plant. In Liverpool, participants took part in a mock inspection that mirrored a real OPCW inspection and it allowed the officials to experience what rights the national authority possesses when a facility undergoes an OPCW inspection and what obligations national authorities are expected to follow. 

The main focus of this training session was to inform participants of the role that national authorities play in terms of implementation and following the CWC. It also covered the declarations mandated by the convention and its intrinsic verification regime. 

The CWC is an international treaty that prohibits the development, use and stockpiling of chemical arms. Currently, six countries have not ratified the CWC, and among those four have not signed it. Myanmar and Israel have signed the convention but have not ratified it. Egypt, Angola, South Sudan and North Korea have yet to sign or ratify the CWC.