ABL completes manufacturing of Ebola vaccine candidate

The Ebola virus
The Ebola virus | Courtesy of the CDC
ABL Inc. has completed the aseptic formulation of a candidate for a Ebola virus vaccine, one that was developed by Emergent BioSolutions Inc., the company announced on Tuesday.

“The recent Ebola epidemic in western Africa has highlighted the critical need for both rapid vaccine development technologies, as well as an established and responsive manufacturing network that is ‘in place’ with the capability to meet global demand for new investigational candidates against emerging disease and bioterror threats,” ABL Vice President of Manufacturing Beth Tebeau said. “ABL’s Phase I/II cGMP operations are designed to meet the needs of its client base, like EMERGENT, with flexible resourcing for small and mid-scale production based on single-use, disposable platforms.”

The candidate vaccine MVA EBOZ is expected to be evaluated in the first phase of clinical trials, led by the Jenner Institute in Oxford, England.

ABL states that the process for the manufacturing of the vaccine is scalable in order to be able to produce several million doses if the trials of the vaccine are successful.

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa has seen over 15,000 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease; 11,235 fatalities have been attributed to the outbreak. The BBC reports that two cases of the disease have appeared in Liberia from Nedowein Village. The country was declared free of the disease on May 9.