Tetronics receives contract to develop plasma arc technology

Tetronics International, a Swindon Company, has received a contract from the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) of the United Kingdom to develop its chemical elimination plasma arc, the company announced June 22.

The company specializes in using plasma arc technology in the elimination and destruction of waste materials in a safe manner.

According to the announcement, many countries have pursued the development of chemical weapons in the past, weapons currently seen as a particularly destructive warfare method. The chemical weapons convention and its backing organization, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), have been attempting to eliminate global chemical weapon stocks. They state that the effects of these weapons on victims and the environment prompted their globally recognized ban.

Plasma is used to force hazardous material to react in a way that neutralizes their original harmful nature.

“This technology has the potential to transform decommissioning operations," said Graeme Rumboi, CEO of Tetronics.  "Chemical and biological weapons have the capacity to inflict indiscriminate human suffering. It will allow a new rapidly deployable approach to the safe and environmentally responsible decommissioning of these weapons stockpiles eliminating the potential for prohibited use."

Tetronics said the company's solution offers fixed incineration and hydrolysis, while current methods of decommissioning and neutralization do not. The technology could also be made applicable to other toxic agents other than chemicals, the company said.