Smiths Detection receives $27 million for mobile protective shelters

The CBPS-M8E1 MMS | Courtesy of SDI

Smiths Detection Inc. (SDI) was the recipient of a $27-million contract to produce mobile medical shelter units from the Department of the Army for Chemical and Biological Protective Shelters, the company announced on Thursday. 

The company will supply its CBPS M8E1 mobile medical shelters (MMS), which are equipped to be able to withstand chemical or biological attacks and may also be used in an disaster of emergency situation. 

“Our mission is to deliver technology solutions for a safer world," SDI President Terry Gibson said. "The highly innovative CBPS not only provides soldiers and caregivers with a safe working environment, its dual-use mobility can also give civilians shelter in times of need. This program clearly aligns with our mission and unwavering commitment to bring to life smart, versatile technology to help safeguard society.” 

The shelters provide a safe space for patients and physicians, so that they can be treated without the need for personal protective equipment that could limit treatment effectiveness and accessibility. The vehicle is 400 square feet in size and features a contaminant-free workspace ideal for emergency medical services within the military.

SDI develops and manufactures devices that are able to detect dangerous material including toxic chemicals, pathogens and other forms of threats. They serve the defense, security and aviation industries.