PositiveID Corp.'s co-marketing agreement draws analyst's praise

A report from Small Cap IR indicates that a co-marketing agreement between PositiveID Corp. and Direct View Holdings Inc. helps stock trustworthiness, they announced on Thursday.

In the report they state that the combined marketing of the biological detection capabilities of products offered by PositiveID and the video surveillance and security monitoring could lend itself to other collaborations with other companies.

Small Cap IR rated PositiveID with a "Buy" rating, indicating that return on the stock is expected to exceed the total return of country index averages for the industry within the next 12 to 18 months. The report states that the company has 270.5 outstanding shares and is currently posting a net loss of $2.05 million with market capitalization at $6.95 million. Revenue is reported at approximately $130,000.

The report offers benefits and risks of purchasing shares with this company. Among risks there is the debt indicated by the net loss of $2.05 million. It also states that the share pool has increased so value to current shareholders may be diluted. Benefits that the report proposes includes the large market potential for the company's Firefly Dx detection device and that the polymerase chain reaction technology testing global market is expected to reach $5.65 billion by 2020.