DirectView, PositiveID enter joint marketing partnership

DirectView Holdings Inc. and PositiveID Corp. are entering a collaborative marketing partnership to promote both companies' products to defense, first response and homeland security clients, DirectView announced on Thursday.

"We are excited to team up with PositiveID as we continue to work towards our goal of providing a comprehensive set of security related solutions for law enforcement and business applications," DirectView CEO and Chairman Roger Ralston said.

DirectView specializes in various video-based security options that include body-worn cameras, surveillance, recording devices and serves that hold footage and other necessary materials. The company serves many clients involved with law enforcement, business and security industries.

PositiveID's expertise is in diagnostic systems at the molecular level. This includes the company's Firefly DX handheld diagnostic tool that allows accurate identification and diagnosis where lab equipment would normally be necessary. Both companies offer differing products that are suited for agencies and companies in the areas of security and defense.

"We believe this agreement is another step in helping us add additional products while expanding the distribution of our products through Positive ID's sales channel," Ralston said. "We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our new partner for years to come as we build out this important potential revenue opportunity."