Smiths Detection awarded Nicaraguan Customs Office contract

Smiths Detection announced on Tuesday that it has been awarded a contract to supply mobile detection and x-ray inspection systems to the Nicaraguan Customs Office.

The company will be supplying its HCVM T mobile units and its HI-SCAN 180180 x-ray machines as part of the agreement.
“Our screening systems are designed to easily adapt to our customers’ needs while helping them optimize security checks at ports, airports and border crossings," Vice President of Latin America, Caribbean and U.S. Regional Sales Eduardo Parodi said. "The combined solutions of the mobile and cargo inspection systems will help Nicaraguan customs officials meet the challenge of rapid detection without impeding daily flow of goods.”

The HCVM T is a device used to inspect incoming commercial trucks, passenger vehicles and containers associated with travel by road. The company states that the system is portable and can be moved to different sites with ease. The system also includes a centralized data management system that will allow supervision over the individual site operations.

The HI-SCAN machine is specialized for operation in airports and customs offices and can manage large pallets, freights and other containers.

Smiths Detection Inc. specializes in the development of detection devices, which are able to detect and identify items and security threats including weapons that are chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear, as well as narcotics, conventional weapons and other forms of contraband.