Pakistan, US meet to discuss security, strategic stability issues

The United States-Pakistan Security, Strategic Stability and Non-Proliferation Working Group met for its seventh round of talks on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

"The delegations had a productive exchange of views on issues of mutual importance, including international efforts to enhance nuclear security, peaceful applications of nuclear energy, nonproliferation, export controls, regional stability and security," the governments of the two countries said in a joint statement. 

U.S. participants welcomed Pakistani "efforts to harmonize its strategic trade controls with those of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and other multilateral export control regimes."

"Both sides emphasized the desirability of continued outreach to integrate Pakistan into the international nonproliferation regime," the statement read. "Pakistan stressed the need for access to peaceful nuclear technology as a socioeconomic imperative."

Representatives from the United States and Pakistan, the statement said, "emphasized the importance of meaningful dialogue and progress in this area and expressed the hope for lasting peace in South Asia and the resolution of outstanding territorial and other disputes through peaceful means."

Discussions also took place about issues related to the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention.

"The delegations reaffirmed that the Working Group remains an invaluable forum for discussing issues of critical mutual importance and stated that they looked forward to future sessions," the statement said.

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