DOD issues grants to 22 projects

The Department of Defense (DOD) will be awarding $149 million in grants to 22 research institutions in order to support the mission of the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI), the department announced on Tuesday.

The MURI program has facilitated the research and development of significant capability-improving technology and methodology utilized by the armed forces over the past 29 years. Based on the selected proposals, this year's research funding will go toward 55 academic institutions involved in the 22 projects. Among the awardees, there are two research initiatives that consist of  joint teams from the U.S. and United Kingdom, so they are partially funded by the U.K. government as well.

Some examples of the research projects that will receive MURI funding include the studying of evolutionary mechanics of impulsive biological systems; the engineering of exotic light states; adaptive team behavior; development of a 4D nano printer to fabricate and manipulate microscopic materials, and studying potential means of harnessing strong-field mid-infrared lasers. Universities that will be involved in research include John Hopkins University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California at Davis, and Texas A&M.

The DOD solicited research proposals that fell within 19 topics and categories that were deemed to be priority areas for development and research.