BioSante shares latest case study results on BioVant

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently shared a case study involving the potential use of BioVant, the company's calcium phosphate (CaP), nanoparticle-based vaccine adjuvant, in influenza virus vaccines, including H5N1 bird flu.

Dr. Steve Bell, vice president of research and pre-clinical development for BioSanta, presented the information during the Vaccine Discovery and Commercialization Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania late last month.  His presentation included a thorough review of data from three BioVant-adjuvanted flu vaccine pre-clinical studies using the M1 protein, H3N1 and H5N1 antigens. Results showed BioVant successfully delivered flu vaccine and boosted the body's natural immune responses to flu virus antigens.

“These CaP-influenza vaccine results suggest we have good potential to develop an adjuvant-enhanced influenza vaccine,” Bell said.

Results also showed BioVant can boost flu-specific immunity and protect animals from H1N1 flu virus.

"BioVant may also permit a reduction in the needed dosage of influenza antigen, including the H5N1 antigen, which is currently in limited supply," Bell said. 

BioVant is made from specially formulated calcium phosphate, a compound similar to that found in teeth and bones. BioVant has been shown in studies to be safe and cause minimal dose-dependent inflammation at the injection site.