Smiths receives order of $23 million for chemical detection devices

Courtesy of Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection has received an order of $23 million for the production of Joint Chemical Agent Detectors (JCAD) from the U.S. Contracting Command at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the company announced Wednesday. 

The device itself is small enough to be clipped onto a belt or harness without obstructing soldiers in their line of work and has an ingrained chemical warfare agent and toxic industrial chemical libraries. When a chemical compound is detected, the device has both visual and audio alarms. 

“The Department of Defense’s JCAD program has established itself as one of the most effective chemical warfare protection solutions for U.S. troops in history," Smiths Detection President Terry Gibson said." We are proud to support this program and help protect those that serve our country. SDI remains committed to the success of this technology, which is used by weapon inspectors, civil responders and military forces worldwide.”

According to the announcement this device is used in military, law enforcement and hazmat management. The devices for the U.S. military are manufactured in Edgewood, Maryland. 

Smiths Detection Inc. specializes in detection equipment that is used in security, aviation, military and defense applications and products from the company are able to detect biological and chemical weapons, narcotics, conventional weapons and other forms of contraband.