Industry experts, NATO officials discuss counter-terrorism

A joint event hosted by the NATO's Defense against Terrorism Program brought industry representatives together with officials to discuss counter-terrorism during the Counter Terror Expo that took place in London at the end of April.

Among the topics that were discussed were international cooperation and increasing capabilities in a number of areas, including the disposal of improvised explosives, route clearance, non-lethal capabilities and those relating to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN).

Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges for NATO and Defense Against Terrorism Program of Work, Jamie Shea spoke about the challenges facing the NATO community as developments in Syria, Ukraine and Iraq unfold. He also stressed the importance of international cooperation as countering threats from these areas of conflict becomes a priority in order to preserve international security.

“Once again, the Counter Terror Expo in London has been a great opportunity for NATO to engage with other international organizations and leading industry experts on how we can work better together to develop the future capabilities that the Alliance will need to stay ahead of the terrorist threat and ultimately defeat it," Shea said.

Issues of equipment life-cycle management, man-portable air defense systems and harbor protection, among other items ,were also discussed during this workshop.