Molecular Devices unveils new reader system

Molecular Devices, LLC on Thursday unveiled a new microplate reader -- the SpectraMax -- to read fluorescence, luminescence and monochromator absorbance for detection purposes.

Designed with modern research methodologies and priorities in mind,  the system is adaptable to the changing landscape of biological research. With add-ons currently available and in development, interchangeable modules allow users of the device a wide range of detection capability, the company said.

“We have been developing microplate readers for 28 years," Molecular Devices' director of bioresearch and product management Brian Quast said. "With the SpectraMax i3x, we’ve created a system that leverages that experience to explore a range of applications including cellular pathway analysis and protein activation and expression with the performance, robustness and flexibility that you need to unleash your research."

Molecular Devices specializes in the development and manufacture of measurement devices used in biological, pharmaceutical and therapeutic research. They feature devices for multiple areas within the biologic field including genomics, colony selection, cellular analysis and microplate detection.

Additionally, a dual auto injector module that will add new kinetic assays to the platform will be available in October.