Bravaco speaks to UN Disarmament Commission

John Bravaco, U.S. representative to the United Nations (UN) Disarmament Commission, addressed the commission on Tuesday, speaking about the upcoming Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference among other items.

Bravaco stressed the importance of the treaty, stating that it is a key component to international security and the security of all individual nations. As the review conference draws closer, Bravaco stated the importance of not allowing individual agendas impede progress toward consensus on the treaty.

"The NPT is an essential foundation for efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, to achieve the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons, and to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy," Bravaco said. "These three mutually reinforcing 'pillars
 benefit all NPT parties. All parties should support and strengthen them."

He detailed the progress that was made at the P5 conference that was held in London in February, which solidified the continued support toward the NPT and overall progress toward nuclear disarmament. He also gave an overview of the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification, which was introduced in Prague at the end of 2014. The first meeting of the group overseeing the initiative took place March 19 and 20 in Washington D.C.

"The United States looks forward to addressing the issues before the commission in the coming years, wishes the chairs of the respective working groups best wishes, and will do its part to facilitate a positive outcome," Bravaco said in closing.