CDP hosts British emergency responders for exchange program

The Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Ala., recently hosted emergency responders from the United Kingdom as part of an ongoing exchange program.

The team was part of the U.K.’s National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU), which is responsible for the education and development of the British Hazardous Area Response Teams.

The CDP and NARU initiated an agreement in 2009 to exchange staff between the two organizations, and the CDP welcomed the first U.K. responder in 2012.

“We’re sharing best
 practices,” Colin Pinnington, the senior instructor
supervisor at NARU, said. “Why keep best practices to
 yourself. We’ve all had our 
own types of disasters or 
terrorist-related events and lessons learned need to be
 shared. It can only make our
 training better, especially if 
an incident transposes itself between our countries.”

Both CDP and NARU training focuses on incident management and mass-casualty and emergency response to a catastrophic natural event or terrorist attack.

“Both of our facilities rely heavily on subject matter experts,” Pinnington said. “The training 
is delivered by people who have real credibility. These are world-class training facilities that are as immersive as you can get them. You’ve combined the smallest detail to provide a higher suspension of reality that makes the training more realistic for the student.”

The CDP will send training representatives to the U.K. during the next year.