CDC completes personal preparedness program pilot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently completed a pilot program to increase personal preparedness as part of its workforce culture.

The results of the Ready CDC initiative are currently being evaluated for measurable improvements in recommended personal preparedness activities.

The program is intended to provide consistent messaging from a trusted source to thousands of CDC employees in the Atlanta, Ga., area. Ready CDC also provided localized and meaningful personal preparedness tools and resources, expertise and guidance from local leaders and personal preparedness education that practiced behaviors such as making an emergency kit and a family emergency plan.

The CDC said that the need for a personal preparedness program became apparent after its Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response Learning Office conducted an environmental scan and literature review within the organization. Despite CDC's efforts to promote national awareness, no initiatives had been taken within its workforce to promote preparedness.

Community partners including the American Red Cross and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency play ongoing roles in the development and implementation of the Ready CDC program.

The Ready CDC initiative is co-branded with the Federal Emergency ManagementAgency's program. The FEMA effort is designed to spur local entities to make personal preparedness more meaningful to communities.