WHO provides update on Ebola virus outbreak

The World Health Organization announced on Tuesday that there were 113 new cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) between August 14-16 and 84 deaths in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia and Guinea.

The reported cases included laboratory-confirmed, suspect and probable cases. The 113 new cases brings the total number of confirmed, probable and suspect cases up to 2,240 among the four countries. The total number of deaths increased to 1,229.

Liberia and Sierra Leone have been the hardest hit countries during the outbreak. Liberia experienced 834 cases of EVD and 466 deaths. Sierra Leone suffered 848 cases and 365 deaths.

The WHO said its response is continuing to grow in the four countries to stop the spread of Ebola virus. The four governments have set up quarantine zones in high-transmission areas to prevent individuals from potentially increasing transmission of the disease. Since the barriers also mean that access to food and other necessities is limited, the WHO is working with the U.N. World Food Programme to ensure regular food and non-medical aid.

In its latest update, the WHO did not recommend any travel or trade restrictions be applied unless individuals have been confirmed or are suspected of being infected or coming into contact with EVD.