DHS to provide more than $1.6 billion to preparedness programs

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it would allocate more than $1.6 billion to seven fiscal year 2014 DHS preparedness grant programs.

The programs include the Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP), the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) and the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP). The allocations will be used to assist territorial governments, states, urban areas, the private sector and non-profit agencies.

Jeh Johnson, the secretary of the DHS, said that homeland security grants ensure the U.S. is better equipped to handle a variety of threats, incidents and disasters.

The allocations include $1 billion to the HSGP, which will support states and urban areas to protect against, respond to, mitigate, prevent and recover from acts of terrorism and other threats. As part of the HSGP allocation, $401 million will go to the State Homeland Security Program to support the implementation of the National Preparedness System; $587 million will go to the Urban Areas Security Initiative for regional preparedness in high-threat, high density areas; and $55 million will go to Operation Stonegarden to enhance cooperation and coordination among agencies to secure water and land borders.

The Emergency Management Performance Grants Program will provide more than $350 million to assist all levels of government to enhance and sustain all-hazards emergency management capabilities. The TSGP will provide more than $90 million to operators and owners of transit systems to protect the traveling public, and the PSGP will distribute $100 million to protect port infrastructure.

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program will allocate $13 million to support target hardening and other physical security enhancements for nonprofits. The Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program and the Intercity Passenger Rail - Amtrak Program will provide $10 million each to tribal nations and the Amtrak rail system, respectively.

"By working with our partners at all levels of government to focus our limited resources, the FY 2014 homeland security grant allocations will better support our current homeland security missions, and address our ongoing preparedness efforts," Johnson said.