WHO reports more than 100 new ebola cases in West Africa

The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that 128 new ebola virus cases, as well as 56 deaths, were reported between Sunday and Monday in West Africa.

Contact tracing in Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone has led to 94-98 percent of contacts of ebola cases being identified and followed up on. Efforts are underway to strengthen contact tracing in Liberia, but the WHO said help is needed.

The Liberian Army recently placed a third province under quarantine in an effort to stop the spread of ebola.

The WHO said it is finalizing its strategic and operations response plan and will share it with countries and other partners in the coming days.

A WHO panel of bioethicists and other experts said on Monday that the use of experimental treatments with unknown efficacy and side effects in West Africa is ethical due to the unique circumstances of the ebola outbreak.

More than 1,000 people have died so far in the ongoing ebola outbreak, the largest in recorded history. Two American health workers who contracted the disease are still undergoing experimental treatment at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.

A Spanish missionary who returned to Spain for treatment died on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.