G-CON Manufacturing launches disease containment system


G-CON Manufacturing, Inc., a biomanufacturing company, announced on Tuesday that it launched a transmissible disease containment (TDC) system to serve as a cleanroom system to support TDC needs.

The system, which is called the TDC POD, is a readily deployable containment and cleanroom system with its own handling systems and cleanable epoxy internal surfaces. TDC PODs also include double bag-in/bag-out HEPA filters and can be transported by tractor trailer or their own axle system.

"All our current POD systems already serve as either cleanroom environments and/or (biosafety lab) containment systems," Maik Jornitz, the president of G-CON, said. "However, in light of recent events, we realized the need for even faster deployment and even better containment with redundancy functions in a transmissible disease application."

Prefabricated PODs can be built in 18 weeks. The system can be cleaned using multiple different methods, including vaporized hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide. G-CON said the PODs are a robust and reliable containment system that are advanced compared to any other option.

"Our comprehensive experience with biosafety level containment and cleanroom structures helped us to develop the TDC POD," Jornitz said. "The available alternatives are simply not robust enough, lack scaling capabilities and cannot be properly sanitized for repeated uses. Each POD can hold a number of patients and equipment in a larger area, are easily deployable due to their robust aluminum structure and represent the optimal containment due to redundant air filters."

G-CON seeks to develop biomanufacturing and personalized medical suites that are affordable and flexible enough to meet the changing market's needs.