EU delivers remarks on BTWC at Meeting of Experts

Andras Kos, the minister counselor for the European Union's delegation to the United Nations, delivered the EU's statement on the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention (BTWC) on Monday at the U.N.'s Meeting of Experts.

The address in Geneva focused on the EU's contributions to the BTWC and the need for rigorous verification regarding weapons.

The minister highlighted the EU's CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative, which aims to enhance the institutional capacities of partner countries to mitigate the risk from CBRN risks, and said that the EU's efforts to improve biosafety and biosecurity globally support its goal of universal adoption of the BTWC.

Kos said it is important that the exchange of biological sciences and other technology and information do not lead to the proliferation of weapons.

"I would like to stress once more our collective responsibility to ensure that we are not inadvertently assisting in developing biological weapons under the guise of cooperation in biological sciences or in the economic and technological fields," Kos said.

Kos also said that effective national implementation is fundamental to the BTWC working as intended, and said the EU is committed to achieving that goal.

The U.N. Meeting of Experts concluded on Aug. 8.