FEMA administrator appoints 12 new advisory council members


Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate appointed 12 new members on Tuesday to FEMA's National Advisory Council (NAC).

The new members include Samantha Phillips, the director of emergency management in Philadelphia, Pa., and W. Scott Field, the director of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in Denver, Colo. They will aid the NAC in its mission to improve coordination of federal emergency management activities.

"FEMA is just one part of our nation's emergency management team," Fugate said. "The National Advisory Council serves a vital role in guiding our plans and strategies by ensuring we remain informed by diverse viewpoints and experiences from every sector of society. I value the expertise and input of each of these members, and appreciate their dedication and commitment to ensuring effective emergency management."

The NAC provides recommendations to the FEMA administrator on issues within emergency management, including regional response and recovery capabilities and mutual aid agreements between different units of government.

FEMA received more than 200 applications for the position, and the applicants underwent an intensive review process. Most of the appointments last for three years.

The NAC is comprised of up to 35 members from a wide variety of backgrounds involved or affected by the emergency management profession.