Informal agenda items cancelled at U.N. disarmament conference

Ambassador Anthony Andanje of Kenya, the president of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, gave an update on the status of ongoing consultations on Tuesday in Geneva and proposed the cancellation of outstanding informal agenda items.

Representatives from North Korea and Russia also took the floor during the meeting.

Andanje discussed ongoing consultations regarding proposals for a Friend of the President and the establishment of an informal working group to examine methods of work. The president said, however, that in light of an effort to expedite the conference's work, all informal sessions would be canceled.

No objections were raised to the move.

Russia's delegation said that while it did not oppose the adoption of the decision, it was not ideal. The Russian representative noted that it would be useful if the group of coordinators could share work done so far, especially on topics of concern to Russia, before other measures were taken

North Korea, speaking on behalf of the Group of 21, delivered a statement on the prevention of an arms race in space. The Group emphasized that the prevention of such an arms race is both important and urgent as space is the common heritage of mankind. The statement expressed concern regarding the deployment of anti-ballistic missile defense systems and other advanced weapons in space.