Noblis looking for CBRN incident training specialist

Noblis, a non-profit science, technology and strategy organization, recently announced that it is seeking a CBRN incident training specialist in Washington, D.C.

The individual hired for the position will provide guidance in national level CBRNE policy; CBRNE roles and responsibilities in the FBI, Department of Energy, DHS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and DoD; and CBRNE vulnerabilities. The CBRN incident training specialist will also brief; instruct; and provide guidance at integrated crisis response planning seminars, training events and briefings, according to a Noblis hiring notice.

The person hired for the job will also conduct and facilitate training in support of CBRNE response planning and prepare in-depth written after action reports for a variety of training exercises. The specialist must include recommended interagency corrective actions in all after action reports.

Qualifications for candidates include a bachelor's degree and eight years of industrial or military professional experience, including experience learning objectives, developing curriculum and homeland defense. Applicants must have also demonstrated experience in terrorism incident exercises, ability to evaluate training program effectiveness, ability to interact with stakeholders, strong integrity and excellent relationship skills.

Preferred qualifications for the position includes a master's degree and one year of experience in FBI, WMD and national level CBRNE policies and procedures.

Noblis provides technology and operational solutions to senior decision makers in the FBI's Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.