Brookhaven National Laboratory team recognized for securing Super Bowl XLVIII

Members of the Brookhaven National Laboratory's (BNL) Region 1 Radiological Assistance Program (RAP1) team recently received recognition for securing the Meadowlands and the surrounding area against potential radiological threats during Super Bowl XLVIII.

The team members received recognition during the lab's 2014 employee awards ceremony. RAP1, which is part of the National Nuclear Security Administration's first responder program, provides radiological assistance to federal, state, local and tribal partners to protect the health of the general public, the environment and first responders.

BNL recognized the RAP1 team for its efforts covering the Super Bowl in Meadowlands Stadium and the surrounding metropolitan area in New York City. The team contributed to the preparation and implementation of security and protective measures for the event both indoors and outdoors.

RAP1 also received recognition from the FBI, which said the two agencies worked together on many special events in New York City. The agency said previous deployments were excellent preparation for the event.

Since its founding in 2001, the RAP1 has fielded mobile and static patrols to help government authorities screen for potential radiological threats. The team has covered annual events like the U.N. General Assembly, New Year's Eve at Times Square and the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

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