Alion releases chemical risk assessment tool

Alion Science and Technology, a technology solutions firm, announced the release on Wednesday of a risk assessment tool for the chemical industry based on technology developed for the DHS.

Alion's CounterMeasures Chemical Assessment Tool (CCAT) provides a standardized, easy-to-implement approach that allows the chemical industry to conduct security assessments. Alion said the chemical industry is essential to U.S. security, but it is constantly at risk from theft, accidents and terrorism, according to an Alion press release.

CCAT allows users to assess hard assets like vehicles and hardware and chemical assets. The tool can perform enterprise-wide analysis and help users efficiently and quickly assess organizational risk.

Alion said an all-hazards approach and a database of best practices ensures that assessments effectively model levels of vulnerability and risk.

"The risks facing the chemical industry daily can range anywhere from minor accidents to large-scale incidents, including terrorist threats, and these hazards can impact people and the environment along with the economy," Terri Spoonhour, the senior vice president at Alion and the manager of the Distributed Simulations Group, said. "The ability to identify vulnerabilities and model and quantify the level of risk can assist the industry in minimizing these risks, helping them safeguard vital assets throughout the supply chain."

Alion's CounterMeasures technology was the engine behind the Voluntary Chemical Assessment Tool (VCAT) that was developed for the DHS. The DHS recently transitioned VCAT to a completely commercial program operated by Alion.