Thermo Scientific begins selling personal radiation detector

Thermo Scientific recently began selling its new RadEye SPRD Spectroscopic Personal Radiation detector.

The device will allow individuals to detect, localize and identify radiation sources generated by manmade devices, Thermo Scientific said in a statement.

The paper-sized gamma radiation detector is aimed at detecting radiation from nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices or radiological dispersal devices. The tool is intended for law enforcement entities including border security and special forces.

The personal radiation detector uses natural background rejection technology that provides high sensitivity and immediate high selectivity to differentiate between natural and manmade radiation. Once the device detects a high radiation source, it can be switched into a nuclide identification mode so the source can be analyzed.

The detector also has a belt-loop holster for hands-free operation and a menu-driven format. The device also uses low-power technology components and fully automated self-checks to keep maintenance to a minimum.

The Thermo Scientific device is equipped with audible, visible and vibrating alarms, as well as an earphone output for silent alarming. The detector also includes a rubber sleeve for extra protection.

The battery life of the radiation detector is approximately 100 hours on rechargeable batteries.

Thermo Scientific also sells the RadEye PRD detector.