Indiana holds mobile hospital training

The Indiana State Department of Health hosted on Tuesday the last of three statewide trainings aimed at preparing emergency responders to use a newly acquired mobile hospital unit.

The training took place at the Decatur High School in Indianapolis, according to an Indiana State Department of Health press release.

The mobile hospital unit consists of three trailers, each containing two structures with HVAC systems, generators and hospital equipment. The trailers can be deployed separately or together to service up to 50 patients at a time.

"When a natural disaster strikes, access to medical care is often in desperate need, but short supply due to things like lack of transportation, power outages and hospitals being overwhelmed," William VanNess, the Indiana state health commissioner, said.

The training consisted of practicing the setting up and tearing down of the structures, as well as efforts to strengthen the relationship between the health department and local volunteers. The training was also aimed at generating interest within the state's Medical Reserve Corps.

The mobile hospital can be used for emergency operations including casualty collection, triage and volunteer management.

"The mobile hospital unit is a much needed resource that will help ensure Hoosiers get the information and care they need during an emergency," Indiana's Director of Public Health Preparedness and Emergency response Lee Christensen said.