Global Elite Group expands services for cargo security

Global Elite Group (GEG), a security and emergency management services provider, announced the expansion on Tuesday of its cargo security, screening and escort services throughout the world.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-certified company said its improved aviation security programs will now be expanded to cargo for passenger protection and the securing of valuables, according to a GEG press release.

"GEG has developed new programs for clients to meet the changing regulatory climate for shipping goods," William McGuire, the president and CEO of GEG, said. "These expanded services are designed to meet the challenges of both the air and ground cargo industry. The customized screening, handling and security programs deliver guidance to clients around the globe."

GEG said it takes a customized approach to shipping and handling and uses various security measures like canine teams, physical inspection and the deployment of advanced technology.

"Through training, diligence and oversight, GEG works with the shipping firms, insurance companies and property owners to secure transportation routes, proper packing and palletization, tracking, storage and final destination delivery," Joseph D'Ascoli, the director of special operations for GEG, said.

GEG provides its aviation security programs to more than 35 airlines worldwide. It also provides emergency contingency planning in all markets.