Army releases solicitation for biodecontamination system

The U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) issued a solicitation on Monday for a brand name or equivalent Steris VHP 100ED Biodecontamination System.

The request was made in support of the Center for Environmental Health Research for use at a gnotibiotic rodent husbandry facility.

Minimum requirements for the system include a mobile vaporized hydrogen peroxide generator that can be used at all phases of biocontamination. The system must also include a control system that can measure VHP and humidity levels that are required for proper decontamination.

The system must also be compatible with vinyl flexible film isolators and mobile on wheels.

The solicitation for the decontamination system is for a firm fixed priced order. All responders may submit a quote that USAMRAA will consider.

Support, calibration and cycle development support will be provided to the vendor under the rules of the solicitation.

The solicitation is only available electronically. Proposals under the request for quotation must be in the electronic format states in the solicitation, and paper copies will not be accepted.

All questions and answers as well as amendments to the solicitation will be made available online. Potential offers must be registered with the System for Award Management.

The deadline for responses under the solicitation is Aug. 14.