ATC-CIS chief reinforces cooperation with Interpol

Andrey Novikov, the head of the Anti-Terrorism Center of Commonwealth of Independent States (ATC-CIS), visited Interpol's General Secretariat headquarters on Friday to reinforce eight years of cooperation.

Novikov previously ensured that Interpol could attend ATC-CIS counterterrorism exercises that simulate potential terrorist and hostage situations. Collaboration on the exercises was meant to ensure that ATC-CIS and Interpol could exchange best practices. During his meeting with Ronald Noble, the secretary general of Interpol, Novikov endorsed Interpol's continued participation in the exercises, according to an Interpol press release.

Noble and Novikov reconfirmed their commitment to a memorandum of understanding signed by the two agencies in 2008 that has resulted in significant information sharing, particularly through Interpol's Project Kalkan. The project allowed Interpol to support the center's investigation into the 2011 terrorist attack at the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow.

"As both head of the Anti-Terrorism Centre of Commonwealth of Independent States and previously as the deputy minister of internal affairs, Mr. Novikov has repeatedly shown his commitment and dedication to international police cooperation via INTERPOL," Noble said. "In addition to their long standing support of Project Kalkan, under Mr. Novikov's leadership the center has consistently proven to be a strong partner in combating terrorism throughout Central Asia and beyond, and I look forward to our continued close cooperation in the future."

Interpol and ATC-CIS also created a working group to address ways to increase information sharing on issues connected with cyberterrorism.